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acne patch protection *NEW*
acne patch protection *NEW*
acne patch protection *NEW*
acne patch protection *NEW*
acne patch protection *NEW*

acne patch protection *NEW*

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use for acne protection to prevent water and bacteria from entering sensitive areas. prevents skin picking, allowing for maximum ease of recovery. may be worn with or without makeup. suitable for all skin types.  

directions: may be applied to cleansed skin. choose a patch that best suits the size of your spot and then attach the spot to the desired area until the spot has reduced, so that the patch can effectively absorb the impurities. 
storage: store in a cool dry place.

100% hydrocolloid dressing (vegan, natural and cruelty free)
size: 48 patches (comes in 3 patch sizes)

shelf life: 12 months
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All products are handmade, natural and vegan. Please note that this is a natural product and the colour can vary from batch to batch.​ Essential oils are widely recognised as safe and effective, however it is possible for an oil to cause sensitisation or an allergic reaction. Please do a patch test before use. If you get any irritation, such as redness, itching, blisters, or swelling discontinue use.