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    For body acne we recommend using the Body Acne Kit, which includes oil cleansing protection, a multi purpose oil containing argan oil to calm the sweat glands and slow down sebum (oil) production. This oil fades old acne scars and dark marks on the skin. The kit also includes (turmeric & cane sugar body scrub) to assist with dark marks (acne scars) or hyperpigmentation by maintaining the skin’s colour and distribution of melanin pigment for discoloured skin, hyperpigmentation under arms, elbows, underarms and bikini line. The body bar cleansing protection assists with body acne to exfoliate the skin, keep pores clear to avoid blackheads, whiteheads, absorb excess sebum (oil), as well as assist with dark marks and body acne. We also recommend using multipurpose body protection to counter hyperpigmentation on the body including arms, elbows, underarm, bikini line and care for dry skin and cracked heels. 
    8 products
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