What is Vitamin C and why do we need it? 

Adding Vitamin C to the skin instantly brightens the area and helps to reduce the appearance of dark circles, discolouration and wrinkles; nourishing the skin and creating a healthy glow.

Sustain (oil cleansing protection) contains mandarin essential oil, a medicinal essential oil with antiseptic and calming properties. It is also a very rich source of vitamin C, a powerful natural antioxidant for collagen synthesis, wound healing, anti-viral; and removes oxidant free-radicals from the body. 

It’s great for oily skin as it helps to re-balance the skin while refining its texture and aids cell rejuvenation. We highly recommend it for acne prone skin types, as it helps to calm irritated and congested skin with its antiseptic and sedative properties. 

Mandarin essential oil can be applied to scaring, eczema, psoriasis and stretch marks, too. This will encourage the skin to heal quicker with the rich supply of Vitamin C and calm the affected stressed area.

We also use citric acid in our products. Citric acid is a member of the Alpha Hydroxy Acid family found naturally in citrus fruits such as lemons. Citric acid works by exfoliating the upper layer of dead skin cells to help clean pores, even skin tone and smooth the skin. 

Blow (under eye protection), Stroke (double cleansing protection), Fortify (toning protection) and Grind (face scrub protection) all contain citric acid to increase skin cell turnover rate.

How does it work? 

We regularly get asked how our products work and why customers see such significant changes in their skin development. The answer … 4-Step Kit! We always recommend using Sustain as part of the 4-Step Kit together for an overall skincare routine instead of in isolation. The natural ingredients within each product work extremely well together for immediate and visible results. Whilst the time frame for results differs for each person, it’s safe to say that you will notice an immediate change in your skin as soon as you start using the 4-Step Kit.

Sustain is the final step in our twice daily 4-Step Kit skincare routine. For best results we recommend using Sustain after cleansing, double cleansing and toning the skin, which effectively prepares the skin. 

How should I start?

At Like It On Top, we suggest that you are very sparing with each product, as a little goes a long way. Just use small amounts whilst your skin adjusts to the products, but please trust the process as many customers will always experience a skin purge when adding new products to their skincare routine. It takes about a month for your skin to completely purge. 

How to achieve results? 

We highly recommend using the 4-Step Kit as part of an overall skincare routine in the morning and evening. Don’t forget that there is a build-up of sweat during the night on your skin and a build-up of dirt and make-up during the day on your skin – so you MUST remember to use the 4-Step Kit in the morning and evening. 

Follow the instructions 

Please use the four products as instructed. There’s no need to add more than directed as this will not speed up the skincare process for faster results. In fact, you may end up clogging your pores and that’s exactly what we are trying to avoid. Don’t forget to do a patch test on the skin before adding any new skincare products to your daily routine. You can do this by applying a small amount of product to a clear area of skin, such as the wrist and wait at least 24 hours before introducing it to your daily skincare routine.

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