What is double cleansing and why should we do it?

What is double cleansing?

Double cleansing is the process of cleansing the skin twice, as in a two-step process, to provide the skin with a “deep clean”. Our 4-Step Kit skincare routine features a double cleanse process with step 1 being Filth (dirt cleansing protection) with a natural cleansing oil. The ingredients are ALL natural and designed to dissolve oil-based dirt such as make-up, sunscreen, sebum (oil) and daily pollution from the epidermis (outer layer of skin). Some sources say that double cleansing is an Asian skincare phenomenon which dates back as far as the fourteenth century and originated in Japan, Korea or China.

Should I double cleanse morning and night?

We recommend using our 4-Step Kit skincare routine to double cleanse twice per day, in the morning and night. In the mornings we tend to see a build up of overnight sebum (oil) and dirt on our face.

I have oily skin; can I use an oil cleanser?

With oily or acne prone skin you must keep skin hydrated, because if it gets too dry it will overproduce oil, which can cause more acne. Face oil can clear blemishes, soften irritated skin, brighten and remove acne scars. It can also act as a nourishing moisturiser to balance sebum (oil) production and calm the sweat glands.

Will an oil cleanser make my skin breakout even more?

This could be the case if you use Step 1: Filth (dirt cleansing protection) but fail to remove this oil cleanser properly with Step 2: Stroke (double cleansing protection). It’s really important that you use the water-based cleanser to remove any residual oil and dirt, otherwise you may clog your pores. Just be sure to apply the water-based cleanser, Stroke (double cleansing protection), by rubbing to create a lather so that it cleans the skin.

How do I know it’s working?

After cleansing with Step 1: Filth (dirt cleansing protection) and Step 2: Stroke (double cleansing protection), you should apply Step 3: Fortify (toning protection). After spraying our rose water toner, you should wipe the excess with a cotton wool pad and then check to see if it’s clean. There should be no further traces of dirt or make-up at this stage, a clear indicator that the skin is impeccably clean!

What are the best ingredients for double cleansing?

Our oil-based cleanser, Step 1: Filth (dirt cleansing protection), includes organic jojoba oil, organic pumpkin seed oil and organic lemongrass essential oil, along with natural vitamin E to protect against blackheads, whiteheads and keep skin clear. Our water-based cleanser, Step 2: Stroke (double cleansing protection), contains organic aloe vera juice, organic argan oil and ginger essential oil, as well as citric acid, turmeric powder and natural vitamin E to cleanse the skin and assist with any dark marks, old acne scars and hyperpigmentation. These oils are suitable for all skin types and leave the skin feeling hydrated.

How long before I see any skin development?

If you are new to using Like It On Top, or considering using our 4-Step Kit for the first time, most of our existing customers see a change within just a few days:

Like It On Top customer, April, said: “I have used this product for just a few days and I am already noticing changes. I have been having terribly sore acne for the past two months and this acne kit has really helped me . It's no longer red and painful and that clay mask is amazing. So it's definitely five stars if it has done so much for me in a couple days.”

Like It On top customer, Alisha, said: “I have only been using the products for a few days...my skin and complexion already looks brighter and clearer...I need to order again so I don't run out!”


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