Coping with "maskne" or mask wearing & skincare

Pictures have flooded social media sites capturing healthcare workers reporting skin problems as a result of wearing medical grade masks for prolonged hours. The sebum (oil) production in your skin is affected by the humid and warm environment created from wearing a mask, resulting in blocked pores.

Therefore it's no surprise that people have started to experience increased acne breakouts, rashes and skin irritation. Regardless of using medical grade masks or cloth and face coverings, we can see that all forms of masks are playing their part in flare-ups, especially those with existing skin problems.

Like It On Top offers a range of face and skin care products made from natural and vegan ingredients. We offer products for all skin types based on whether you have dry skin, normal to combination skin, oily skin, acne prone skin, hyperpigmentation or mature skin. 

Here are our top tips for preventing “maskne” or "mask-acne", irritation and redness caused by face masks includes: 

1. Hydrated Skin

Ensuring your skin is properly hydrated will definitely help to improve the barrier function of the skin. Non-alcohol or natural-based toners that help to soothe the skin, particularly containing rose water, can prevent your skin from drying out.

We recommend using Fortify (toning protection) to aid the skin’s ability to hold water, or remain hydrated, which is critical for maintaining healthy skin. Alternatively, we recommend using a lightweight and non-greasy face oil such as Sustain (oil cleansing protection) which can helpful particularly with persistent dryskin patches.

2. Lip Moisture

Moisturising your lips as part of your skincare routine is very important in order to avoid chapped or cracked lips. Removing dead skin cells that can dull the natural glow of the skin is also key to lip care. Applying lip balm solely will not help to remedy this problem unless dead skin cells are removed first. We recommend using Juicy (lip scrub protection) to exfoliate, moisturise and hydrate lips before applying a lip balm.

3. Skin Cleanse

Don’t over cleanse the skin! Stick to cleansing twice each day: once in the morning and once in the evening. Any more can result in negative side effects, such as further dryness, skin irritation and skin redness, particularly for those with dry skin, sensitive skin or mature skin types. Anti-inflammatory ingredients such as turmeric and vitamin E can help soothe irritated skin. We recommend using our 4-Step Kit or Pump (face mask protection) to revitalise and cleanse the skin, as well as treat acne and prevent breakouts.

Click here to start your skincare journey with Like It On Top today. 

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