Like It On Top x Trippy Tuesday

We've teamed up with vegan candle brand Trippy Tuesday to create an exclusive limited edition series of Gallerina's (petite gal) and Pholiotina’s (curvy lady)! 

This new collaborative collection of body positive candles, created in celebration of #skinpositivity, are 100% vegan, hand-designed and hand-poured using soy wax.

Made exclusively for Like It On Top using our trademark buttercup yellow and lemongrass essential oil, we invite you to Like It On Top with Pholiotina and Gallerina!

Like It On Top’s ethos is all about changing the way that you see your skin, instead of focusing on changing the appearance of your skin. Happiness isn't about focusing on how good your skin looks each day, but appreciating the skin that you have and working out a targeted skincare routine that works for your own personal skin concerns. 

Trippy Tuesday designed Pholiotina (curvy lady) and Gallerina (petite gal) to represent real bodies, which come in their many shapes and sizes. The brand's belief that all bodies are beautiful is an ode to body positivity in the hope that Pholiotina and Gallerina can remind you of that every day!

Pholiotina and Gallerina are hand poured therefore may not have the smoothest skin finish and show a bubble here and there. They are just like all of us, representing our differences and unique features.

Click here to view our Limited Edition collection with Trippy Tuesday 

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